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1 - Rich Loch hangs out by his #155 ride.
2 - Jay Middleton watches practice action as the #23 of Eddie Van Meter drives by.
3 - Eddie Mercer climbs into his #72 which promotes another big late season race.
4 - Wade Day's #196 on track.
5 - Ryan Crane sits on his motorbike during the driver's meeting.
6 - J.R. Norris preps his helmet before qualifying.
7 - Dennis Schoenfeld (L) and Speedway Illustrated's Bones Bourcier (R) chat.
8 - Loading Brent Downey's mangled #25 onto a rollback with Nashville's high banks wasn't an easy job.
9 - Jeremy Miller looks over his #5.
10 - Jason Hogans gets down and dirty working on his #92.
11 - Casey Walter (#46) sits on pit road as Harold Fair Jr.'s #71 flies by.
12 - A smiling Ken MacFarland.
13 -  There's no doubt where Eddie Van Meter's #23 is racing at.
14 - Wisconsin drivers Ryan Mathews (L) and Nathan Hassleau talk on the pit wall.
15 - Donny Wilson (#82) gets agressive in the last chance race with Benny Van Cleve's #124.

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