Here's What the National Stock Car Commission Had to Say
The penalty assessed was: $1,000 fine; loss of 25 NASCAR Grand National Division, Busch North Series Championship Driver Points; suspension from the next NASCAR Grand National Division, Busch North Series Event; suspension from NASCAR until October 31, 2005; and probation until December 31, 2005

In reaching its decision, the Commission considered the following:

The Appellant acknowledged that the infractions occurred and expressed remorse.
The Appellant and witnesses questioned the severity of the penalty, and whether recent events at higher NASCAR levels had had any bearing on his penalty.

In rendering its decision, the Commission notes that Appellant did not have a history of prior penalties, nor a history of retaliatory behavior. Based on his testimony, he also seems to have learned from his mistake.

The Commission felt that the penalty was extremely severe by prior Busch North standards. Per the testimony of NASCAR Busch North Officials, this is evidently indicative of newer standards for retaliatory behavior going forward.

In the final analysis, the prime consideration for the Commission was the issue of retaliation. Retaliation on the race course is not acceptable. Furthermore, retaliation with a racecar in pit lane extends the danger beyond drivers and racecars. And proceeding with a retaliatory act in pit lane despite directions to the contrary from a NASCAR Official is inexcusable.

Given these circumstances, the Commission could not find cause to lessen the penalty.

It is therefore the unanimous decision of the National Stock Car Racing Commission to uphold the penalty assessed by NASCAR. The Appellant has the right, under Section 15 of the NASCAR Rule Book, to appeal this decision to the National Stock Car Racing Commissioner.

Clay Campbell
Leo Mehl
George Silbermann, Chairman

The appeals process hasn't worked out so far very well for Ryan Moore and his #74 team.  (51 Photo)
On October 7, 2005, the National Stock Car Racing Commission heard and considered the appeal of Ryan Moore. The appeal pertained to a penalty issued by NASCAR concerning incidents during the NASCAR Grand National Division, Busch North Series event at Lime Rock Park on October 1, 2005. The infraction concerned Section 12-4-A of the NASCAR Rule Book “Actions detrimental to stock car racing. Failure to follow a directive from a NASCAR Official. Hitting another competitor’s car after the completion of the race, twice.”