Humor and Insightfulness Were Plentiful at Mohegan Sun Resort
When you get hundreds of people together in a room to listen to speeches for several hours, there are bound to be some memorable quotes.  Here are a few of the best lines from the 2005 NASCAR Busch North Series banquet held at the Mohegan Sun Resort.
Actually, the most moving part of the night was when nothing was said.  It was for a moment of silence to honor Charles Helling, the gasman for the #5 team.  Car owner Barney McRae accepted his car owner award for finishing seventh in points by accepting the award in memory of Helling.

Here are a few other moments to remember from the banquet:

“See a big guy like Matt Kobyluck get emotional during his speech makes me feel better.  It’s good to know that big guys have feelings too.” – Andy Santerre talking about Kobyluck.
“Hang on to it.” – A Grizco Racing crew member to Mike Olsen after Olsen accepted his fourth place trophy.  Olsen was penalized from the victory after the NASCAR Toyota All-Star Challenge in November for an illegal part.

“Growing up in Cherryfield, Maine, I never dreamed a being a racecar driver.  My father used to drive the #44 Chevrolet at Cherryfield Fairgrounds Speedway in the 60’s.  We used to take cars from my father’s junkyard and beat around with them.”

“What this means to our team is that we could crash one week and come back to finish well the next race.” – Matt Kobyluck on receiving the Most Improved Driver Award.
Barney McRae accepted the car owner trophy for seventh place and dedicated to crew member Charles Helling.  (Mary Hodge Photo)
“I want to thank God that I have a happy and healthy family….you don’t have to cry Ma.” – Sean Caisse.

“Unlike some guys in the past, we actually enjoy Anhauser-Busch products.” – Matt Kobyluck accepting the Busch Pole Award.

“Thank you to whoever started that applause.” NASCAR Busch North director Lee Roy after going on stage.

“There will be a little something extra in your stocking.” – Lee Roy to Matt Kobyluck after his raised his hand to take credit for the applause.

“I’ve learned that getting called into the NASCAR trailer for a private meeting gets old pretty quickly.” – Sean Caisse reflecting on his year.

“I want to thank NASCAR for Irwindale.  I remember that race well.” – Mike Stefanik on the NASCAR Toyota All-Star Challenge.  Stefanik parked his car during the race after he call by NASCAR that he and his team felt was unfair.
“I grew up listening to Mama Cass and one of her songs was ‘California Dreaming’…I’ve got over that and moved on.” – Stefanik’s car owner Steve Griswold on the same penalty.

“There’s a joke in my house that Andy Santerre is a superhero with an invisible shield around his car.  His luck is that good.” – Matt Kobyluck.

“Racing is just a game, but playing it with your love and support makes it fun.” – Mike Stefanik to his wife and spotter Julie.
“Five years ago, I had decided to quit racing when Andy Santerre called me and asked me to lend him a hand.  Now it’s time to call it quits and get on with my life.” – Four-time championship winning crew chief Roger Tryon.

“Do you want me to do it?” - Steve Griswold asking his wife Peg who should make the championship car owner’s speech.

“Well, you did get the short straw.” – Peg Griswold’s response before Steve made the speech.

“I came in late tonight, so I wouldn’t stand out in the lobby and talk to anybody.  Every time that I do that, it costs me money.” – Championship winning car owner Steve Griswold who had a talk with Andy Santerre last season at the banquet which led to their pairing.

“There are announcements to be made and I’ll look forward to making them.” – Griswold on his plans for the #44 team after Santerre steps aside as its driver.

“Since I only have five minutes and not my usual 45, I’ll talk fast.” – Kobyluck recalling his filibuster speech at the 2002 banquet.
“You can tell by my accent that I’m from Southern Vermont.” – Comedian and Nashville, Tennessee Jimmy Travis in his Southern drawl.

“To win at Waterford this year was special.  I turned my first lap in a racecar there.” – Matt Kobyluck.

“In 2005, Mike Stefanik snapped a winless streak that stretched back, back, back, back seven years.” – Mike Joy.

Peg and Steve Griswold (Mary Hodge Photo)
Andy Santerre.  (Ken Spring Photo)