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1. John Donahue straps in 
2. Dave Whitcomb (#25) in Turn one.
3. Tim Martin's #5 car had a few battle scars after qualifying
4. With "The Flying Frenchman" Norm Chaloux at the helm, this #12 coupe won Thunder Road's first Labor Day Classic in 1960
5. Dave Wilcox (#45)  took this hard ride off Turn 1 in qualifying, but earned a "+8" when he got back on track, giving him the outside pole for the Labor Day Classic 200. (Leif Tillotson photo)
6. From right to left, Cooper MacRitchie, David Avery, Scott Payea, and Tim Martin await the start of the 200-lap main event
7. Thunder Road's infamous "Widowmaker" wall in Turn 4
8. Oxford Plains Speedway regular David Bath (#88) made the trek to Thunder Road
9. The qualifying heat races were rough.
10.  Cooper MacRitchie's #3 goes for a ride along the wall.
11. The action in the heats was wheel-to-wheel and fender-to-fender
12. Sometimes that action got a little out of hand.
13. Jerry Lesage looks the worse for wear during qualifying.
14. Jean Paul Cyr (#32) and Brent Dragon (#55) race hard.
15.  In the end, it was Cyr in victory lane.

Photos #1-#4, #6-#8 by Justin St. Louis /
Photos #5 and #9-15 by Leif Tillotson

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