Being A Senior Member Of USRA Doesn't Mean He's "Over The Hill"
At age 53, Greg Davidson of Pearland (TX) – along with Tom Grothues – represents the “Old School” contingency of the 2005 United States Racing Association (USRA) Super Late Models series.
"I’m probably in better shape at 53 than I was at (age) 30. Besides, I’ve got to keep up with all the kids running in ROMCO. I also take vitamins and eat healthy; that makes me feel so much better.”

Davidson has felt pretty good during a very well-rounded driving career. He won the Myers Speedway (Houston) track championship his first year out, in what Davidson called “a street stock class,” back in 1976. The well-traveled veteran has also driven in the All-American 400 in Nashville, the All-Pro South series, the TIDA (TX) Late Model series, and the ROMCO series. He’s been a local driver at several different tracks as well, including San Antonio Speedway.
Davidson will drive the #96 Chevy Monte Carlo in the SLM series of USRA (formerly ROMCO) this coming season. Among Davidson’s expected competitors is his 27-year-old son, Chris. The elder Davidson chuckles at the thought of racing against his son and other “young guns” in the Super Late Model series (to date, there are 15 registered drivers in the series who are age 30 or younger).

“I’m used to running against the youngster from the ROMCO series,” stated Davidson, who won the first-ever ROMCO points championship in 1999. “And despite my age, I don’t want people to get the wrong impression. I’m still very competitive – I would rather run up front and challenge for a win rather than run in sixth-through-eighth place and just hang back in the pack.”

Davidson has taken steps to be in great physical shape – in fact, the best shape of his life. “I get out to the gym as much as I can,” said the former ROMCO champion. “I work on the Stairmaster and work on my upper body a lot.
Davidson, who’s supported by his wife (Peggy), Chris and their daughter Heather, feels USRA has the right blueprint for future success.

“Robert Mullins did a great job with ROMCO, but things seemed to be leveling out. Terry Dickerson (owner of USRA) has come in and brings some excitement and some new blood to the series. Keeping Terry Barden (former ROMCO Race Director, now USRA Race Director) and Linda Barden on board was a great move, and bringing in Chuck Licata – with his knowledge of promotions and media – was a good move. Dickerson has a great ‘promoter’ attitude to him, and there’s certainly been a lot of positive talk about the series during the current off-season.”
Davidson will have run one race (the March 19th season-opener at Houston Motorsports Park) when he’s expected to feel even “older.” That because his daughter, Heather, is expected to give birth to his first grandchild – a boy – with her due date being March 31. Heather is married to another USRA SLM driver – Ralph Burris.

Davidson is ready to bring racing to the next generation of his family.

“I’ve already got a go-kart built for the boy,” he declared with a smile.

Greg Davidison (#96) will be the senior member of this year's USRA Series.
Greg Davidison