He’s Much More Of A Fashion Aficionado Than We Thought
NASCAR License – “That is probably worth more than anything in the wallet.”

ASA License – “When we started running Friendship (Motor Speedway, which is an ASA-sanctioned track), we thought it would just be cheaper to buy a license.  Hey, it saves us $10 every time we sign in.”
One license isn't enough for Burt.  He like to have one old and one new.
The Wallet – Plain, black, two-fold – “It was a Christmas gift.  I’ve had it about three years I think.  It isn’t too bad.  I don’t know how many people do it, but the same Christmas I got it, I got another wallet identical to it and it didn’t have a dollar in it.  I made them take it back and get me another.  Because you don’t give a billfold to someone with no money in it.  That is bad luck.”

(Editor’s Note:  The amazing thing about Myers’ wallet is its amazing 11 different compartments.  And of those 11, all of them were fiilled with something when we checked it out.  “I like keeping a lot of stuff in there.  Sometimes, I have so much stuff in there, it will barely even close,” Myers said.)

Driver’s License with full name William Burton Myers – “I went by Burton when I was little.  That is a family name.  When I was little, they called me Burton.  When I got older, the shortened it to Burt.  I hate the picture too.  I was about 15 pounds heavier.  I’m thinking that if they had digital cameras taking pictures, they could tell you how bad it was. They could say ‘hey, lets do that again.’ 
Buckle Card (Editor’s Note: 28 of the $10 punches are gone) – “That is about full isn’t it?  I like Buckle.  If we do good and get a couple of wins, I can go to Buckle.  Otherwise, I have to go to Wal-Mart.”

Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch Cards – “I try to be a stylish guy.  I don’t wear that kind of stuff when I’m up there underneath racecars, which is about 90-percent of the time.  I get to wear my regular clothes to the racetrack and home from the racetrack. That is about it.”

Hot Topic Card – “I’ve got how many punches left on this one?  Hell, it is filled up.  I can use this now.  I’m
Myers is a stylish guy, as evident by all of these cards.
ready to go shopping now.  I haven’t been in Hot Topic in over a year.”

Gas Receipts – “Phillip owes me some money.  Actually, I take that back, those might be worth more than anything else in my wallet.”

(Editor’s Note:  At this point, Burt thanks Speed51.com writer Jeremy Troiano for helping him clean out his wallet and find things he forgot were in there and that he can use.)
Burt Myers Business Cards – “Honestly, the only reason I have those in there are the numbers written on them.  The only problem is, I can’t remember what most of the numbers are.  I think one is the number of a racecar part I needed to order.  Who knows why that is in there.”

Bowman Gray Medical Card – “At the Stadium this year, when I cut my hand in the trailer, I had to get a tetanus shot.  I had to get nine staples too.”
If it can be done, Burt Myers is certified to do it.
Daughters Insurance Card

Certification Card – “This is where I’m forklift certified.  I’m certified to drive a forklift and this just proves so.”

Certification Card #2 – “This is where I had to drive a delivery truck.  So see, I can drive forklifts and delivery trucks.  Not only racecars, but delivery trucks and forklifts.”

Check Card – “I can’t do too much with that.  there isn’t much in there to do anything with.  I don’t keep a lot of money in my checking account.  Most of the time, I keep cash.  I don’t even have a checkbook.”

Mike Smith, Martinsville Speedway Business Card – “That is when I went up to Roanoke and did that PR stuff for Martinsville with Mike Smith.”

Very worn Legacy Bank Credit Card – “That one doesn’t get used too much.  It is looking a little old.”
So we’ve dusted off out tongs, our white gloves and our disinfectant and decided to go after another Short Tracker’s wallet.  This time around, our victim was NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour driver Burt Myers.  And like is normally the case, Myers had no chance to clean his wallet out.

Myers is a long-time Southern Modified competitor.  He’s a regular at Bowman Gray Stadium, and some fans’ favorite, and other fans’ least favorite.  He and Junior Miller have one of the hottest rivalries in all of the South, thanks to some legendary battles on and off the track.

When not racing at the Stadium, Myers tours the South with his brother Jason, who also drives.  Both have
Burt Myers is one that loves to have fun at the racetrack.  (51 Photos)
Ok, so we’ve been getting tired of people asking.  So we decided, if that is what people want, then that’s what they’ll get. 
competed in the SMART Tour and are both currently competing with the Whelen Southern Modified Tour. 

And to no one’s surprise, Myers in right there in the championship points hunt, just a few markers behind rival Miller with just one race to go.

So at Motor Mile Speedway, Speed51.com eyed out Burt (or William, or Burton) and took him aside.  “Give me your wallet” we shouted.  And this is what we found.

So Burt Myers... What's In Your Wallet?
Old Driver’s License – “That is my very first one I think.  Gosh, I was about 20 pounds heavier in that photo.  That is a funny photo, isn’t it?  This one was issued in 1996. 
(Editor’s Note: Why still have it?) I just kept it, in case you ever lose your primary license and you need an ID to tell how old you are or something, I would have a backup.  That is the way I looked at it.”

Social Security Card

Phone List – “This is about 10 years old.  That is a card I did up and laminated.  It has just a bunch of important phone numbers on it.  They were numbers that were
Burt is not a fan of his old driver's license photo.
important at the time.  This right here is pretty much before cell phones were popular.  Now that I got my cell phone, I don’t need all of this.”

More Burt Myers Business Cards – “They all just have different notes on them.  I don’t really give them out.  See, this one has the measurements of a batter I had to get.  Some of my business cards are old, some are newer.”
Four Leaf Clover Cutout – “I put this in here.  I had it in my car my second season, in 1996.  I took it out of the car and put it in my wallet.  It has been in every wallet since 1998.  I don’t know why I kept it.  I’ve always had this in my wallet.  I guess I like it in my wallet so it is always with me I guess.  I don’t want to say I’m a superstitious person, but I’m not going to push the limits either.”

One Subway Stamp – “The Subway close to our house stopped taking the Subway stamps.  That kind of pissed me off.  So I used a bunch at one time and I think that is all I have left.”
Burt shines when showing pictures of his little girl.
Pictures of daughter Jade – “That is my sweetheart.” 

(Editor's Note:  Burt Myers’ quote at this point:  “I’m telling you, you cleaning out my wallet is going to help me save some money tomorrow.”)

ASA Receipt – “See, I don’t need that.” 

Various Business Cards

Bank Card

More Receipts – “There is more money that Philip probably owes me that I didn’t even know about.”
Certification Card #3 – “This is where I was helping at DMC, who sponsors me, that is where I was certified to buy cars at the used car sale.

“I’m certified as a dealer.  I’ve got a dealer’s license so I can drive with dealer tags.  Hell yeah, I’m ceritified to do a lot of things.  Hell, you’d think I make a lot more money than I do, wouldn’t you?”

$57 in cash – “I like to keep a little cash on me, then I have some in my checking account. I don’t like to keep too much cash on me, cause I spend it if I have it.  I don’t like going anywhere without at least $20 or $30 in my pocket.  Being that I’m a truck driver and forklift driver, I’d have more money than that.”

"Money, money, money, money......  MONEY."