Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Buck?
“Here's a bunch of business cards,” Cassius says.

The majority of the cards are Cassius' own cards as a salesman for Nichols Trailers in Maine.  That's his day job.  So has he ever sold a trailer to someone at the track?

“Actually, I sold two to Benji’s [Rowe] crew chief.  Brian Burgess.  I don’t know if we’ve sold any other ones to racers or not.  This year has been pretty decent.  It’s hard to say, but Brian sticks out.”
We made quite a mess of Cassius' stuff.
The Wallet – Plain and black, two-fold – Not much to report here.  It's what we found inside that was more interesting.

GM Card Credit Card

But you race a Ford?  Why the GM Credit Card?

“Yeah, I race a Ford, but that's not what I drive on the street," said Cassius.  "I drive a GM truck.  It’s a Duramax diesel.”  Cassius says.  [Note - the same truck that tows his race trailer around]
Several Slips of Paper with Phone Numbers

[Cassius looks at one, throws it away]

"I don’t know who’s it is," Cassius says.

{Throws another one out after looking at it]

“Here’s someone else’s number…not sure who that is either,”  Cassius says.

Apparantly, Cassius needs a better filing system...well there's always....

Business Cards (and plenty of them)
Many of the cards in Cassius' wallet are his own.
Bob Dillner’s Speed51.com Business Card

Earlier this year, our own fearless leader, Bob Dillner, threw Cassius into a pool in the infield of the Oxford Plains Speedway.  That could have been payback due to the fact that the week before Oxford, Cassius used Bob's business card to liven up a good time when Cassius was hanging out with Marco Thomas, publisher of The Racin' Paper, at a Maine restraurant

“Marco and I were doing a TV show and we were over at a restaurant and had a couple of beers," said Cassius.  "We decided to call him [Bob] up.  He was coming up to Oxford and we were just on TV ourselves, so we figured that we might as well call him up and give him a hard time.”
Now that it's hunting season again, Cassius might be trying for a repeat performance.

“We’re supposed to do that again," said Cassius.  "Race season is over now.”

And then there's hunting.  Cassius used to live in the seaside town of Boothbay, Maine and is familar with a rod and a reel.

“I used to live on the coast, so I used to saltwater fish all of the time right there on the ocean," said Cassius.  "I get out to the lake a few times now, but don’t do much fishing anymore.”
Cassius is a card-carrying fan of Speed51.com
In fact, you might want to look up Cassius if you need a trailer.  He needs the business.  After all, he's only a dollar away from starvation as we'll see later on.

“Go to Nicholstrailers.com," said Cassius.  "You can buy them right on the web.  It’s me and one other salesman [in the office], but he goes on the road.  I can just sit at the office and that’s fine by me.  I sit at the office and read Speed51.com.  That’s about it for my day.  Once in awhile, I have to write a build sheet for the guys so they can build a trailer.  Then I can go back to sleep.”

Cassius then shuffles through even more business cards, including one that we find very interesting.
Clark is one of the young guns of the IBG-PASS Pro Stock (those are Super Late Models to anyone not living in New England) Series.  The driver of the Ed Chapman-owned #8 EJP Ford broke through to win his first points race in 2005.  He also broke through to win his second one, and his third one, on the way to finishing third in the final point standings.

Cassius runs wide open on the race track and is always up for some fun off the track as well.  By rummaging through his wallet,  we found out quite a bit.

What did we learn?  Several things including the fact that colorful characters don’t always carry a lot of cash and that Cassius needs a Palm Pilot to keep track of his phone numbers.  We also found out a good place to buy trailers in Maine and that racecar drivers don’t necessarily behave themselves on the street.

We cornered Cassius in the front of his trailer recently and got to learn all of that and more by going through his billfold.

So Cassius Clark... What's In Your Wallet?
Cassius Clark had some pretty... well... interesting things in his wallet.  (51 Photos)
Speed51.com’s popular “What’s in Your Wallet” series continues and this week, we’ve nabbed our first Northeastern victim – Cassius Clark.
Fishing and Hunting Licenses –

Cassius lives in rural Maine and is also very familar with the coast.  So hunting and fishing must have been in his blood for years, right?

“I went hunting for the first time last year actually," said Cassius.  "I went with [fellow Pro Stock drivers] Nick Nichols and Tracy Gordon.  We went out to a field somewhere shooting pigeons or peasants or something.  I don’t know what they were.  I was actually the first one to shoot a bird, so I ribbed them for that.  I ate it that night.  We shot eight or 10 of them,. Had some beers and ate all the birds.  That was pretty cool.”
Someone forgot to tell Cassius to smile at the DMV.
Traffic Citations

“Uh Oh,” says Clark as he pulls out a few traffic summonds.  After he realizes that he paid them, he lightens up a little bit.

So what are they for?

“Let’s see," said Cassius.  "That’s a summons for criminal speed and driving to endanger.”

How fast were you going? –

“I don’t know, they didn’t have a radar gun,” Cassius replied.
One thing that was absent from Cassius' wallet were any photos.  There were no racecars, pets or girlfriends in there.  Ironically, when emptying the content of another driver's wallet, we discovered a photo of Cassius' sister. [We'll find out who and why in a later episode]  So we asked Cassius where his photos of her was.

“I don’t have any pictures of anybody in my wallet," came Cassius' reply.  "Especially my sister.”

Racing has left Cassius a little cash poor.
Maine Driver's License

Talk about scary photos..Cassius' mugshot looking more like it was taken in a booking area and not at the DMV.

“I always take scary pictures," said Cassius.  "I got pulled over once and they said that I looked pissed off in the picture.  I said that I’m always pissed off and it’s not any different in the picture.”

Social Security Card

“I am an American citizen," said Cassius.  "Believe it or not.”
Cash, One U.S. Dollar

Cassius isn't exactly a high roller.  We found a single dollar bill in his wallet.  If it wasn't for tax, he could get one thing from the McDonald's extra value menu.

“A buck!," said Cassius.  "I could get a double cheeseburger for that.”