They Said What? 
Tim Sauter had something to say about what happened when ASA visited Lowe's. 
“I really don't know what people will think in the morning and I really don't care.  I'm just glad something is getting done.  Steve's ego is much bigger than his wallet.  We know that now.  So (LMS officials) can throw that f**king hauler in the f**king ocean and I don't give a s**t.” - Tim Sauter after the Lowe's Motor Speedway ASA event.

“When I was a teenager growing up, my father was the dumbest man that I knew. It seems like the older that I get, the smarter that my father gets. I understand that I really wasn't as smart as I should have been back then." – Kip Stockwell
“I was just becoming disconnected with the series.  I really started feeling it with the banquet.  My not going to the banquet really opened my eyes.  That was the first time since 1985 that I’ve missed an ASA banquet.  I’ve just noticed how things have changed over the years.  It is a far different place from when I ran my first race.” - Gary St. Amant on leaving ASA.

“Kurt Busch is a moron.  I’m going to buy a Winston Cup car, the biggest piece of junk that there is, and I will be at one of those tracks.  I don’t know if I’ll get through tech, but if I do I’m going to wreck him.  If he thinks that Jimmy Spencer hit him hard, I’ll hit him twice as hard.  He comes up here and ruins everything.  He got a crowd here.  He started in the heat race and kept on causing trouble.  That’s what he does on TV, so why would he be any different up here?” – Scott Mulkern after a racing accident with Kurt Busch in the Banknorth 250

“I'm honestly embarrassed for my sponsor and for ASA; that is how bad it is out there.  There are a bunch of idiots out there that don't even belong out there.  I'm miffed at how bad they drive.  They don't even belong at the Saturday night late model race.  It is terrible. I can't believe it.  I just can't believe it.” - Tim Sauter on some of the lapped traffic in ASA.
Covering auto racing is something that we get to do here at 51 and it is something that is entirely too fun.  The great thing about covering this sport is all of the great people we get to meet along the way.  And with great people come great stories.  And with great stories sometimes come great quotes.  And Short Track racers are some of the best in the world at giving quotes.  Why?  Most of the time, they are real and they are talking from the heart, whether it is on a serious subject or something lighthearted.

The 2004 season was a big one for 51.  The year brought all kinds of great stories and all kinds of great quotes.  In honor of some of the great people we talked with this year, we've put together a look back at some of our favorite quotes of the year.  We hope you enjoy!
When you get around someone who has that little talent, that is what happens.  Everytime you are around (Todd) Kluever, he is a fool.  He is a fool.  Then they are fighting with someone else at the end because he gets wrecked.  Come down here and we'll whip all their asses.” - Mike Garvey on Todd Kluever at LMS.

“I will go on the record and say that in the next 30 days, I need to make it all come together or be on the beach.  It's about that simple for me.” - ASA Owner Steve Dale

“If he had been driving and looking straight ahead like he should have been, nothing would have happened.” – Scott Chubbuck on Dale Shaw mirror driving in the Oxford 250.

“That’s for (Dr. Dick) Berggren and his guys (at Speedway Illustrated Magazine).  They wanted to know why I drive so hard and the grapefruit are…the…well…instead of putting balls up there, we put grapefruit on the roof.  We’ll let everyone else figure it out.” - Ted Christopher.

“Requirement number one here is that we have to have fun doing this or it doesn’t make much sense to even show up,” - Joe Bessey on racing his Pro Stock.

“I just kept thinking 'what the hell are you doing?'” - Erik Darnell on getting together with the lapped car of Jason Hogan at Lanier.
Scott Fraser's loss earlier this year was a big hit to the SHort Track community.
“This will, on a smaller scale, have the same effect on that area up there (the Nova Scotia-area) that Dale Earnhardt's death had on the North Carolina area.  Scott put so many people in the stands at those races up there every single week.  This will affect everybody.  This is a big deal.  This is crushing.” - ASA crew chief Gary Crooks on his friend Scott Fraser.

“I’ve always wanted to win an ASA race and write my name in their records books, so I’ll take it even if it is just the Late Model Series.” - Matt Kenseth after winning at Madison (WI).

“I think Junior forgot he was driving a Super Late Model.  It looked like he was driving a factory stock tonight.  He was slamming everybody. I wasn’t very proud to say I know him after that race.” - Scott Hantz on Junior Hanley at Speedweeks.

“Everything was still good.  Then, we get taken out.  That is what happens when you are driving with a no-driving little mother...
“Anybody who has a body part left (on their car) or doesn't have a scratch deserves a medal or maybe even the race trophy.” - Joey Miller on the Lanier ASA race.

“This is ridiculous.  It is nothing but a professional demolition derby.” - Tim Sauter on the Lanier ASA race.

“It just was a nightmare.  I almost wanted to come and pull in a couple of times just to get out of there with a complete car.  It's a joke right now.  And it is boring.  The biggest thing I was worrying about was my foot
getting cramped up just cruising around under caution.” - More Joey Miller on the Lanier ASA race.

“Ryan’s a good friend of mine, I’m sure he was frustrated because his car went away. I’ll make him come down and pop the dents out of it.” - Andy Santerre on a late race battle with Ryan Moore at NHIS.

“The 06 car (Krisiloff) flat took me out.  He turned me around in the center of the corner.  I am very frustrated right now.  I’d like to have a few words with him or maybe catch him in a dark alley somewhere.” - Gary Sherman on Kyle Krisiloff after Atlanta

“(He) took someone out again.  They need to think real heavily about getting him out of a race car before he hurts himself or someone else because something happens every race.” - Robbie Pyle on Kyle Krisiloff after Atlanta.

“I don’t want guys aggravated with me.  All I can say is that I’m sorry.  I go out there every race trying to do well just like the rest of them.  I can’t really say anything else about that.” - Kyle Krisiloff after Atlanta.

“What do you expect?  There are a bunch of guys that haven't run at Talladega before and they are now running at Talladega.” - Todd Kluever why there were so many accidents at the speedway ASA races.
The ASA race at Lanier drew a lot of talk frmo the drivers, including Joey Miller (blue car).
“It's hard to explain what it feels like.  Winning the lottery maybe?  I don't know.  Just incredible.  I've always raced with my brother and we've won a lot of races together.  But I've always been the one on his pit crew that covers him with a lot of water and now people are doing it to me.” - Brad Rogers after his first ProCup win.

“They want a show? This is my solution…put the pace car out there with Jim Haun (pace car driver)  with a helmet on and we’ll dodge him.” - Mike Cope on ASA's changes at the first race of the year in Lakeland.

“Let’s put on a show.  Is that code word for lets put on a wreckfest?” - Travis Kittleson on the same changes.

“I felt a bump and then I was actually under a car.  Once we stopped sliding and I turned the engine off, I started to wonder if I should change his oil while he is sitting here on top of me.  Then I started thinking that my window was blocked and what I was going to do.  Then I started to feel the heat from the engine and I was like ‘I don’t like the position I am in here.’” - Joey Miller on his ARCA wreck at Chicagoland Speedway.
Brad Rogers won his first career Pro Cup race in 2004.
“This is a track where you can really race.  My driving style fits perfect to this place.  I love being up on the wheel.  I'd come down here 10 times a year if I could just get someone to let me drive their car in these Big-10 races.  I'll give that Query guy a run like he's never seen.  These guys may not want to race him hard, but I'll race him that way.  I've wrecked hard just as much as he has.  Probably more.” - Ted Christopher at the Asphalt World Championships in Concord (NC).

“Some people might know him as Tiger Tom, and if you really knew him, he was 'The Legend.'  I just knew him as the craziest SOB I have ever met in my life. Someone who, the first time I ever met him, scared the living @#%$ out of me.” - Donny Lia on Tommy Baldwin.

“Bobby is a great driver and I always have so much fun racing him so to run second to him always makes you fee like you’ve won.” - Clay Rogers on Bobby Gill.
"This win right here helps that. At least it shows the fans you can run with these guys. But I mean it's still like kissing a woman, but it ends up being your sister.” - Tim Brown after winning the non-qualifiers race during the North-South Shootout weekend.

“The tires sucked.  Typical Hoosier shit, they were just junk.” – Ted Christopher.

“They've lent an open ear.  They have always been kind to listen.  That is pretty much it.” - Steve Dale on his relationship with SMI and Humpy Wheeler before the Lowe's incident.
“Three strikes and you are out and he’s had a couple pitches that he’s tipped and fouled off into the bleachers.  If he swings the bat again, he better hit the ball.” - Mike Cope on Steve Dale.

“I'm trying to get sponsored by MayTag because I've got this spinning thing down pretty good.” - Jimmy Spencer Jr. during a rain-delay at a Pro Cup race.

“It was shear stupidity on (Hemphill’s) part.” - Bobby Gerhart on wreck at Daytona.

“I thought 'holy shit, how are we going to stay on this banking?'” - George Brunnhoelzl III on pulling onto the Bristol track for the first time.

“I played more defense than I did offense and that’s not my game.” – Ted Christopher

“I got in trouble because of someone who through his whole career has forced the issue on every racetrack that he’s ever raced at and in every racecar that he has ever driven.  Because he forced the issue on another driver and I was on the outside, I destroyed a racecar.” Mark Durgin on Dale Shaw.
Tim Brown had some interesting comments after winning the non-qualifiers race this year.
“I've determined that these cars don't run as well on three tires.” - Charlie Menard after his left front tire fell off before wrecking at the All American.

“You give someone your trust, you try to believe them and that is all you can do.  Once they lie to you and things don't come true, what do you do from there?  There is no trust.  What do you do?  We are racers.  Racers want to race and have the ability to trust the people we want to race for.” - Bryan Reffner on ASA financial problems.

"We got together a little bit and he's a little ugly about it.  We'll get over it I guess - we've got to work together on Monday." – Ben Rowe after contact with his father Mike in the DNK 250.
Charlie Menard lost his tire during the All American 300 this year.  (Milner Photo)
“This race was a disgrace really – for both of the divisions.  We were supposed to be the All Stars of the touring series’ and look at all the torn up racecars.”  - Bryan Chew on the Grand National race at the Toyota All Star Showdown.

“I was very impressed with the talent. I don't know when I have raced with a group of people that had that much talent and I could see it.” - Freddie Query on running at the North-South Shootout.

“The damn lapped cars damn near ran over us and knocked the left rear all out of whack.  I just don't understand how some people can even function in everyday life with some of the decisions they make.” - Shane Huffman after getting wrecked one race.

“I wish someone would bring a banana and get this monkey off my back and away from me.” - Stephen Leicht on his bad luck.

“Richie is probably going to be mad because I put a little dent in the front but if he saw what I had to come through he'd be proud of me.” - JR Norris on his car owner Richie Wauters.

“I'd take Kenly, Erie, Lakeland, Salem, Winchester or I-70 over this.” - Greg Stewart on racing at Kentucky Speedway.
“Eddie (Mercer) isn’t getting this car back clean.  He is getting it back with tire marks on both sides.” - Wayne Anderson on his return to the Southeast Series.

"I zigged when I should have zagged.” - Robbie Pyle at Jennerstown after an accident.

“I just wrecked Teddy…plain and simple.  I went into the turn way too hot.  I just totally wrecked him.  I hate it for Teddy. They don’t deserve all of this work because of an idiot like myself drove it in there where I had no business being in the first place. I guess maybe I will learn someday.” - Donny Lia being hard on himself after his run in with Ted Christopher at Speedweeks
“I remembered they destroyed a car in practice one time.  I mean it was destroyed.  They knew it was mostly junk, but there were some salvageable parts on it.  As the car came back through the pits on the wrecker, I remember Ricky offering off some of the parts that could still be used to guys that needed them.  At the end of the night I remember the car was practically being stripped apart out back and Ricky was more than happy to see some of that stuff go to good use to guys that needed it.” - Davin Scites on the late Ricky Hendrick.

“The #19 car (Smith) was on my back bumper like white on rice.  I have an older brother that I used to race like that and we would wreck each other all the time.  If that is what he wants to do, I don't have a problem with that.  I guarantee you that we have more money than he does.  We don't have much, but we've got more.” - Mike Cope on Casey Smith after Lanier.

“We were faster and he was driving like an idiot.  That's ok though.  I've raced against men all my life and he doesn't intimidate me at all.” - Smith on Cope.

“You get disgusted, down and don’t feel like going to the shop. This is what keeps you going again, when you get back to the track and start running good.” - Stanley Smith after his SES win at Kentucky Speedway, his first NASCAR win since nearly being killed 11 years ago.
Wayne Anderson drove Eddie Mercer's car at Caraway in 2004.
“It's really an honor to take the record from Wayne Anderson because Wayne is one of those guys that races for a living and everyone knows Wayne and what kind of racer Wayne is.  I wish Wayne was still around here racing every week because it would have been fun to get it from him that way.  I wish all of those old guys though, guys like Wayne, Billy (Bigley Jr.) and Hal (Goodson), were still here to race with us.  That would make this racing that much tougher.  It is fun racing with them.”  - Jeff Fultz on becoming the all-time SES wins leader.

“I guess it was the same thing when he (Middleton) clipped Marc Mitchell at Jennerstown.  He is an idiot.  He’s been an idiot all year.  I was following Casey Smith because this out there tonight was like a Talladega deal.  It looked like Casey
Jeff Fultz
got on the outside of him and he just came up.  I don’t know.  (Middleton) is an idiot.” - Reed Sorenson on Jay Middleton after Atlanta.

“Reed has been a little too aggressive on these big tracks and he took out a bunch of good cars here.  I think he wrecked himself too.  He’s got a lot to learn.” - Middleton on Sorenson.

“Daniel came down and wanted to whip me.  I told him that if that would make him feel better to go ahead and knock my clock off.  I wasn't gong to touch him.  I got to much to lose.  So he said he'd come over to my shop and whip me because he comes over there all the time.  I told him that was fine, but he doesn't need to ask me what kind of springs and shocks I'm running any more.” - Clay Rogers on Daniel Johnson after a run in at Southern National Speedway.

“Speed is all relevant.  Sometimes you feel like you are going faster at Winchester then you are here.” - Robbie Pyle on Lowe's Motor Speedway.

“I’ve known him a long time and when he died, it was probably the saddest day of my life.  He could really tell a story.  I’m going to miss that more than anything in the world.” - Charlie Pasteryak on the late Tom Baldwin.

“He was one of those guys you could go up to and ask a question and you knew he wasn't pulling your leg.  He would tell you a straight up answer.  He figured he'd let his driving beat you and not some bad information.” - Tracy Gordon on the late Scott Fraser.
“I got into Gary Helton there and I didn’t mean to.  I really didn’t mean to. I will apologize until the day I die but I didn’t mean that at all. It happened and it took some good cars out.” - JR Norris at Kentucky.

“The future?  I don't really care about that right now.  I don't care if they race Jeeps next year.  I'm just trying to get through this year.” - Tim Sauter at the midpoint of the ASA season.

“There is only one reason we made the phone call three weeks ago to this man and that is because we knew he could get it done.  He wasn’t done racing.  We decided
that we were going to make a change and when we did, there was only one guy to call.” - ASA Team Owner Jeff Miller after Mike Eddy won in his car in only his third race with the team.

“Mike Eddy pretty much took us all to school.” - Travis Kittleson on Eddy's dominance at Berlin.

“That was funny.  He just tore us all up and spit us out tonight.” - Todd Kluever on Eddy's dominance at Berlin.

“This is a matter of principal.  Business is business and none of us back home could get away with running our businesses this way.  He needs to step up to the plate.  He needs to come to the track and say, ‘Hey boys, here I am.  I know you probably want to throw tomatoes at me, but I’m going to lay it on the table for you.” - Wade Stewart on ASA Owner Steve Dale.

“It feels good to beat Shane at his race track.  It's like beating Jeff Gordon at a road course.  I mean, he knows his way around here.  I think we beat him pretty good too.” - Clay Rogers on beating Shane Huffman at Hickory (NC).

“It was a long wreck.  I just kept on wrecking.  I wasn't hitting anything too hard but I just kept hitting a lot of stuff.  I didn't know where I was.  I figured I was over the wall then I realized I was tangled in the fence.  Once I slowed down I realized where I was and what was happening.” - Freddie Query on his wild Big-10 wreck at Concord (NC).
JR Norris (#5) was apologetic to Gary Helton (#86) after this accident in Kentucky. (High Sierra Photo)
“I was coming out of the dogleg and I saw what looked like a car that was flying out of the race track.” - Ted Musgrave Jr. on Query's wreck.

“I just saw a car flying straight up in the air.  I saw the #8 on Freddie's roof.  I could read the number.  That is pretty big.” - Jimmy Simpson on Query's wreck.

“I’ve gotten a lot smarter this year.  I drive a lot smarter.  In Southern All Stars, you have to think but you have to run balls out or you’ll get run over.  Richie (Wauters, Norris’ car owner) has taught me a lot on how to be there at the end of the races.  I’ve learned how to race both smart and hard at the same time.” - JR Norris on his year.
Freddie Query's car was destoryed after this accident in the Big 10 Series.
“It is the nature of the beast.  You run with your tongue hanging out, and go balls to the wall and hope you don’t get in a wreck, but we did. One thing these buys know I will not give up and I will be back next year to kick some northern ass.” - Burt Myers after the North-South Shootout

“This was not the ASA of old, that is for sure.  This is quite different from the ASA I grew up on.  This felt a lot like a Cup race at a restrictor-plate track.  It felt a lot like Talladega.” - Mark Martin after racing the ASA event at Atlanta.

“If he (Hogan) wasn’t such a moron and turned me sideways with five-to-go, then I might have had a shot at the win.  He had about 10 to 15 guys bounce off his nose in the first race here at the beginning of the year (SES race),  so I knew to watch out for him, but I never thought he’d turn me sideways before the start/finish line.  You can’t even pass before the start/finish line.   You can’t even start to pass.  I don’t know what he is thinking, but that is the way he drives.” - Eddie Hoffman on Jason Hogan at the All American 400

“He can whine and cry all he wants to, but he knows that the last five laps are going to be balls out.  It is all or nothing.” - Hogan on Hoffman.

“I spanked him and that says something.  It doesn’t bother me what he says.  Everybody calls me a midget.  I’ve been called a midget since I was a midget.” - JR Norris after being called a midget by Jason Hogan at Fast Eddie's Charity Go Kart Race.