Stock Car Wraps Effective and More Viable Alternative
For any racer looking for an alternative way to get the look they want on their racecar, cater to their sponsor even more or help promote themselves by having an eye-catching design for their team, there answer is here. 
Robbie Pyle Design has announced they are now offering full-body “stock car wraps,” specializing in the new ABC Bodies for Super Late Models around the country.  The all-vinyl wraps can completely cover the car or can be tailor-made to cover just the sides of the car.
“When you want the proper image for you sponsor, you want to call us,” said Robbie Pyle, owner of Robbie Pyle Design.  “We understand how to get the focal point towards the sponsor and how to get the overall car to look professional and have eye appeal.

“I've got 20 years of lettering and design experience.  I've done graphics and lettering on over 500 racecars since I started doing this years ago.”

Pyle has extensive experience with design and understands the look the sponsors want.  Pyle is an experienced driver himself, with more than 15 years of racing experience.  In fact, during the past five years, he has been a National Championship contender on the ASA circuit with a handful of victories along the way. 

“The benefit of a full-body vinyl wrap is that you don't have to paint your whole car all the time.  And if you need to replace something, the panels are really easily replaced.  Everything comes in kit form.
“The full-body vinyl wraps are a relatively new thing in motorsports.  The wrap is a full-vinyl covering of the car.  A lot of NASCAR Nextel Cup teams are going to this so they don't have to spend so much money on paint.  And the great thing about it is that since it is completely wrapped in vinyl, you can do any type of paint scheme that you want.”

All of the vinyl wraps are laminated, so it is protected from most car cleaners and waxes.  The full-body vinyl wrap can also use florescent and reflective films. 
“We can make sure the car is bright and crisp.  We can show you exactly what the car will look like before it gets started, too.  After the design process is complete, either we can install the wrap or we have an instruction sheet on how to do it yourself.  It is pretty easy.”

The wraps can be completed full-graphics scheme for the entire car or can be done with just a partial wrap down the side panels.

Anyone wanting more information on the full-body Super Late Model vinyl wrap can contact Robbie Pyle Design at 630-655-2850.  They can also send an email to  Look for a Robbie Pyle Design website coming soon. 

Robbie knows about making a good looking race car that is appealing to the sponsors.