Country Joe Racing stable [click here], , Davin Sites’ UARA Late Model [click here], a complete USAR Pro Cup car [click here], a PASS-legal Pro Stock/Super Late Model [click here] or an entire ARCA RE/MAX Series team [click here].


In between racecars currently?  Buying for someone who prefers working on cars without numbers on the door?  How about an Advance Auto Parts giftcard?

There are nearly 3,000 Advance Auto Parts stores out there and best of all, the company supports short track racing through the sponsorships of ARCA RE/MAX Series dominator Frank Kimmel and NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour champion Junior Miller.
Just What You Need Under Your Tree or in Your Garage
your own “gift certificate” to get them whatever they want when the
store is online.  They’ll love your creativity.  And don’t worry, we won’t tell them.


Then again, you can always come out with your own line of sportswear.  51 Designs with Dale Averill can help you with that.  Averill built up a reputation for designing cool paint schemes, sportswear and logos in the Northeast before moving to the Charlotte, North Carolina area and taking big league racing by storm.  Now he has teamed up with 51 and is available to produce sportswear for your short track team.  Click here to contact Dale and get more information about his services.
Somewhere between the season finales for 2005 at your local track, the granddaddy race of them all – December’s Snowball Derby, the annual banquet circuit and the start of Speedfest and Florida Speedweeks, there’s something else on the calendar – the Holiday season.

It’s a great time to put away the creeper and pit box and to spend time with family and friends.  But that doesn’t mean that racing can’t play a role in the gift-giving festivities.  This year, make it a Short Track Christmas.  We have a few ideas.

There’s nothing quite like curling up by the fireplace in the winter with a good book.  And if you are a racing nut, Coastal 181 has a library of material just for you.  Click here to see their catalog.

Nothing can say what Coastal 181 does better than this passage from their website:
“Our special focus is on documenting and preserving the great stories of short-track racing history. We publish as well as distribute books, so we work closely with drivers, authors, photographers. Coastal 181’s books are the real thing, and you will not find them in the local bookstore. They are, therefore, special gifts.”

Popular titles this season include “Life Wide Open”, which is a story of Dave Dion’s short tracking ways over the past several decades, the ever-popular Richie Evans and Bugsy Stevens biographies by Bones Bourcier and “Hot Cars, Cool Drivers,” which tells the tales of three legendary, and now closed, Massachusetts short tracks.

And keep in mind, no true race fan would be complete without a current copy of the annual National Speedway Directory from Allen E. Brown.

It doesn’t matter if you are Mike Rowe or Mike Rexalot, Freddie Query or Freddie Fenderaweek, Tony Hirschman or Tony Wallbanger; if you race, you are going to crash eventually.  You might as well be prepared well you do with the safest seat that your fanny can fit into.
Whether you favor a Monte Carlo, Taurus, Charger, Intrepid or even the odd Grand Prix, Five Star has a full inventory of Late Model and Super Late Model body panels.  They also bumper covers, accessories and graphic packages for street stocks, trucks and any other type of racecar.  Vintage pieces for racecars like Luminas, Camaros and T-Bird can be ordered and Five Star even has bodies for drag racers.

You know that you bent some sheetmetal up in 2005, so doesn’t your race ride deserve some fresh duds this coming year?
Super Late Model driver Jeremy Pate shows off his 51 Gear.

We’re old fashioned here at and there’s nothing that we like to see more than an open trailer towing a racecar to the track. 

The guys at Joe Gibbs Racing have been concocting a witch’s brew of the best lubricants in the racing world for years and it’s worked well enough to lead Tony Stewart and Bobby Labonte to NASCAR Cup championships.  Now you can run the same oil in your race engine.

Don’t even think about trying this stuff in your street car though.  Joe Gibbs Racing oils are specially formulated for competition use only.  Does this stuff work?  Just ask Tony Stewart.  He's the guy who won this season's NASCAR Nextel Cup championship and he has the stuff in his dry sump.
Even Santa stays safely seated!

For the best in electronics this holiday season, don’t go to Best Buy or Radio Shack.  Check out the folks at Racing Electronics for scanners, team radios and headsets.  Who needs a new TV or laptop anyways?  Communicating with your spotter and crew or listening to the on-track action is much more important than “Cranking it Up” for a Cup race.


Nobody knows cars better than the General, so when you are looking for OEM quality in parts, be sure to check out GM Performance Parts.  What could look better than a new shiny crate engine sitting under your Christmas Tree?  Click here or visit your local GM dealer’s parts department for more information


Keep up to date through the racing season by following along at home with a few of our favorite publications here at 

To make horsepower, your race engine needs to breathe easy and nothing helps get the exhaust gases out quicker than a set of custom headers from Schoenfeld Headers.

Dennis Schoenfeld proves his products just about every week.  His idea of research and development is competing in the #43 Super Late Model in Big 10 races at Concord Motorsport Park and at countless open shows through the Southeastern United States.

Every professional looks the part more when they have the correct uniform and in the racing world, those uniforms usually have a “Simpson” tag attached to the front pocket.

But race suits aren’t the only thing that Simpson offers to keep you safe in a racecar.  They can also keep your arms and legs inside your ride with their belts and safety harnesses.  They can protect your cranium with their legendary line of helmets.  They have fuel bibs to keep your gasman from burning up.  There are racing shoes that are fireproofing and cool looking, as well as many other products.


Howe Racing products is best known for building racecars that have terrorized the short tracks of the country through the years, but building cars is just the tip of the iceberg.  Check out their catalog online for anything from tie rods to complete chassis kits.

Lots of Americans are buying their Christmas gifts on eBay this year and racers can do the same thing.  There are tons of racing parts out there for some great (and not so great) deals if you know what you are looking for.  This author has personally bought a dually tow vehicle and an RV through the popular website with great results.
How about a new trailer for Christmas?
That’s where the folks at Joie of Seating come in.  They have taken race seat technology and safety out of the dark ages for countless short track racers.  They built seats for racers from every level between NASCAR Nextel Cup to Legends cars and unlike many vendors, the people at Joie of Seating have a special place in their hearts for the short track racer.

Every seat is custom made and The Joie of Seating can give you easy to understand step-by-step instructions on measuring yourself the right way for a seat order.  There are several different models of seats available and The Joie of Seating even offers a SAFER system to improve your seat even if it was built by another company.

Best of all, The Joie of Seating is there after the sale and all it takes is a phone call when you have any questions when it comes to mounting your seats, belts or any other safety item.


You might not know your wife’s sizes when it comes to Christmas shopping for clothing, but when it comes to fitting your racecar in a new wardrobe, buying the right gear is as easy as A-B-C when you go to Five Star Racing Bodies.
But in this day and age, what looks nostalgic can also be a big pain in the caboose.  A modern short track team has tools to carry, pit cars to haul, plenty of spares and oh yes, a racecar to get to the track.  Having a new and dependable enclosed trailer is no longer a luxury.

The race teams will be using Haulmark trailers from Gale Trailers for our racing needs in 2006.  Gale Trailers helped us pick out the best hauler for our needs and sell everything from Toterhomes to small cargo trailers, Gale Trailers has them all.

Many racetracks offer heavily discounted season tickets for the upcoming racing season as long as you buy in advance.  If you plan on attending one facility regularly in 2006, you might want to call your local track and look into this option.  Buying now might save you from digging through the seat cushions for spare change to get into the track every week this summer.


Is your significant other complaining that your tow vehicle is nicer than your family vehicle?  Do you want a street ride that attracts as much attention as your machine with the numbers on the side?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, a call to Mark III Customs might be in order.’s Bob Dillner rolls in a Mark III ride and if it can make him look cool, just imagine what it can do for your image!


Whether you want to protect your racecar from the elements or keep it under wraps from your competition, The Joie of Seating has your answer.  They have recently introduced a line of custom seat covers for any things that races on an oval track.  They can also add your sponsors on the side and duplicate your paint scheme to make your race team look just like the big boys.


Race teams have their own version of Wal-Mart in BSR and Heintz Performance.  Both North Carolina-based speed houses stock just about every single race part that you can imagine and they ship all over.  Click here for to visit BSR’s website or click here to visit Heintz Performance.


Everyone knows that you need to go fast to win races.  Being able to stop and get through the corner helps too – and it’s easier on front clips.  AP Racing has a full line of brake products for your racecars, street cars and motorcycles.  Click here for more information.
Dr. Dick Berggren’s Speedway Illustrated has always been required reading for the short track warrior.  On the pages of the magazine, you’ll find everything from IMCA Modifieds to Nextel Cup cars.  There are columns, feature stories, technical articles and more.  Click here for subscription information.

Late Model Digest has news, results and profiles of just about any Late Model, Late Model Stock, Pro Stock or Super Late Model race that is out there.  Click here for subscription information.

Late Model goes in depth when it comes to pavement Late Model racing across the country.  The monthly magazine boosts that they are the only national feature magazine that exclusively covers pavement short track Late Model racing.  Click here for subscription information.

Busch North Scene is a New England-based racing publication that focuses on the NASCAR Busch North Series, but also

What could be cooler than seeing your name, logo or racecar image etched into a slate of custom black granite?  That is what the folks at Get-Etched can do.  With a couple of weeks notice, they can take your photo, or your favorite photos from the archives, and turn it into a work of art.

Get-Etched creates a high quality permanent etching using the latest in laser technology.  They support short track racing too – Get-Etched appears on the #74 NASCAR Busch North car of Ryan Moore.

We’re using Get-Etched to produce our Most Popular Drivers awards this season and so far, the reviews have been great.  We expect more of the same when a popular driver from the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tours, CRA Super Series and ARCA RE/MAX Series join IBG-PASS Most Popular Driver Travis Benjamin later as 51 MPDs later this banquet season.
51's April Barker presents Travis Benjamin with the PASS Most Popular Driver trophy produced by Get Etched.  If you aren't as popular as Travis, you can order one with your car on your own.  (Norm Marx Photo)
There is some cool stuff in the pages of Speedway Illustrated.
Dave Dion makes for some interesting reading.
Want to find this winning Modified?  Try looking on eBay.
Super Late Model rising star Josh Hamner uses Joe Gibbs Racing Oil.
The Dillner brothers show off their Simpson suits.
Besides, wouldn’t your wife appreciate a nice new racecar body, set of radios or case of racing oil more than an uncreative diamond tennis bracelet anyways?

Take a look at what is on the shopping list for the boys and girls at 51 this year.


We at might be a little bit biased, but we don’t think that there is a better gift our there than our own line of 51 Gear, which will soon be available in the store.

You can now buy the same shirts that we wear to the track and the same decals that we have on our street cars and racecars.  Despite the fact that you’ll look like us here at 51, the stuff is all pretty neat.

We’re working hard to get the store up.  As you know, sometimes these things take longer than expected.  If you can’t get it by the holidays, then stick around and our stuff makes great birthday presents.  Or, get creative guys and give your wife
On eBay Motors this week, there is a healthy selection of racecars for sale ranging from Super Late Models/Pro Stocks to ARCA cars to pavement and dirt modifieds to mini stocks.  There’s a Modified that won the True Value Modified Racing Series opener in 2005 [click here], a vintage Offenhauser midget [click here] and an entire 4/10th mile dirt track in Oklahoma up for sale [click here].

In addition to eBay, racers also have their own version of an online shopper’s paradise with  Currently listed on that site is just about any type of racecar or hauler imaginable.  A few standouts are a ready-race ‘‘Ole Blue’ NASCAR Tour Modified being sold by Boehler Racing Enterprises [click here], one of the Busch North cars that helped Andy Santerre win championships in the NASCAR Busch North Series [click here], top-notch ASA National Tour cars out of the
includes coverage of the IBG-PASS Series and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and this writer also pens a regular column for them.  Click here for subscription information.