It’s a Perfect Marriage for Short Track Website and New England Tour
“It’s pretty neat for the fans to be able to go online and vote for that,” said Cassius Clark.  “It will be interesting to find out who the most popular driver really is.”

Drivers are also excited about the nationwide exposure that this award will have.

“It’s really cool that Speed 51 is doing this and that PASS is getting recognized nationwide,” said Johnny Clark.

Handicapping the field will not be easy.

“Benji and Mike Rowe will be right up there,” said Dearborn.  “There are a lot of different guys who are well respected.  I’ve tried to earn everyone’s respect over the past three or four years and not rough anybody up, so hopefully they will remember that when it’s time to vote.”

Voting will start around June 1st and fans can vote once per day.  To be deemed eligible, a driver is only allowed to miss one race during the 2005 season.  Drivers will also be allowed to vote as long as they stick to the one vote per day rule.

Some competitors are already planning a race strategy.

“I have an office job [selling trailers], so I’ll probably get on there a few times to vote,” said Cassius Clark.

The winner of the award will receive a web design from 51 Sports (parent company of Speed51.com) with an estimated value of $4,500. 

Speed51.com has become a leader in online Motorsports information by focusing on the Short Track Racing realm.  51 realized nearly five years ago that there was a void in the industry for news and behind-the-scenes stories.  Now, 51 is viewed by thousands of fans per day.  The site fuels your Short Track appetite for NASCAR's Grand National and Elite Divisions, NASCAR Modifieds Tours, the USAR Pro Cup Series, Super Late Models from all across the country and much more.

51 Sports, publisher of Speed51.com, is continually signing up clients for its Sports Services and Web Design work for 2005 and beyond.  51 offers everything from single-time press releases to full campaigns, website development and much more.  If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us at www.speed51.com or through Jeremy Troiano at (704) 726-6849.

recognizable and successful tours in the country.  The racing is tight and close and fans are made instantly by anyone who sees one of their events.

“A few years ago, I drove up from New Hampshire International Speedway on a Cup weekend to White Mountain for a PASS race and I was hooked right away,” said Speed51.com founder Bob Dillner.  “I love these cars and PASS has become one of my favorite series.  I think what we are doing together is a good fit for PASS, Speed51.com, the drivers and the fans.  Plus with our northern boy, Mike Twist, we are going to cover PASS like a glove this year.  And yes, I’ll be at White Mountain on the NHIS Cup weekend.”

Long time New England short track fans have also grown to love the series.

“I grew up watching Pro Stocks at places like Lee, Star, Beech Ridge and Oxford,” said Speed51.com’s Mike Twist.  “I’ve always loved these racecars and a few years ago when Tom Mayberry was able to put together a tour for them, I was instantly a fan.  To see what he has been able to build PASS into in less than five years is absolutely amazing and I’m glad that Speed51.com will be able to team up with PASS this year.”
It’s going to be a battle that pits buddy against buddy, father against son and racer against racer; it’s the Speed51.com Most Popular Driver competition – PASS Pro Stock (Super Late Model) style.
The deep Northeastern-based tour has a very diverse group of full-time racers.  The PASS cast of characters include one of the most successful father and son combinations in all of short track racing – Mike Rowe and his son Ben, close friends like the unrelated racers that share a last name – Johnny and Cassius Clark, the quiet and quick trio of Richie Dearborn, Corey Williams and Donnie Whitten, young rookie Michael Ruttkamp, Southern New England veterans Rick Martin and GeGe Gravel and colorful personality Scott Mulkern.

Although PASS is a young tour that got its start back in 2001, it has already grown into one of the most
The program was announced to competitors in the driver’s meeting for the PASS season opener at White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH) and the response was very positive.

“There are a lot of fans that follow the tour around and they are all very supportive of their driver,” said defending PASS champion Johnny Clark.  “Everyone who follows the tour is very vocal about who their driver is.  You can hear it at the track and by seeing what people write online.”
Scott Mulkern (#84) and Cassius Clark (#8).
Johnny Clark (#54) and Mike Rowe (#24) will be two of the favorites. (Norm Marx photos)