Speed51.com Also Steps Up Coverage of Whelen Modified and Southern Modified Tours
me,” said Christopher when asked about his chances for the award.  “But who knows?  Maybe people have changed their opinions and I’ll do OK this year.”

Starting June 1st, fans will be able to log on to Speed51.com and cast their ballot.  Only one vote per person per day will be counted and anyone with a computer will be able to make their choices known to the world.

“That’s cool… I can vote for myself,” said Christopher.  “I’m on the website all the time!”

The winner of the award in both the Northern and Southern Modified Tours will receive $500 and a web design from 51 Sports (parent company of Speed51.com).  The total prize package is worth $5,000 for each recipient.

Speed51.com has become a leader in online Motorsports information by focusing on the Short Track Racing realm.  51 realized nearly five years ago that there was a void in the industry for news and behind-the-scenes stories.  Now, 51 is viewed by thousands of fans per day.  The site fuels your Short Track appetite for NASCAR's Grand National and Elite Divisions, both Modifieds Tours and much more.

51 Sports, publisher of Speed51.com, is continually signing up clients for its Sports Services and Web Design work for 2005 and beyond.  51 offers everything from single-time press releases to full campaigns, website development and much more.  If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us at www.speed51.com or through Jeremy Troiano at (704) 726-6849.

“There is a lot more fire power behind this Modified Tour with NASCAR’s involvement this year and this award is just all part of it,” said Southern Modified Tour driver John Smith, who won the independent Southern Mod Most Popular Driver award in 2001.  “When I won it a few years ago, it meant a lot but to win it with this inaugural tour would be extra special.  My whole family, and we have like 40 or 50 people, are my biggest fans so I am going to have to get everybody going to Speed51 to vote for us.”

Speed51.com has extensive coverage of both Modified tours online and has found this open-wheeled form of racing to be one of the most followed racing series among short track fans.  Plus, the website’s editor, Speed Channel personality Bob Dillner, holds a special place in his heart for this form of racing.

“I grew up with the Mod Squad; I love them,” said Dillner.  “That's why I'm so excited to do this award with NASCAR for both Modified Tours through Speed51.com.  My family went to the Tour races since its beginning up north and now that I'm down south we are going to the inaugural southern races as well.  And we are stepping up our coverage of Mods on Speed51.com this year.  But what is most special about this award is that the fans will decide who the most popular driver is.”
Three words say it all – Most Popular Driver.  It’s the award that everybody wants, but nobody really expects to be able to win and Speed51.com will be bringing it to the fans when it comes to NASCAR Modified racing in 2005.
Speed51.com has teamed up with NASCAR to present the award for both the Whelen Modified Tour and the inaugural Whelen Southern Modified Tour in 2005.  Fans will be able to vote online throughout the course of the season.

“That is definitely cool,” said young Northern Modified Tour driver Donny Lia.  “Do I feel like I’m going to win it?  No, not even close.  I have some good fans.  I know that because I hear from them all the time, but I don’t have as many as Tony Hirschman, Ted Christopher or Rick Fuller.  Those guys have been in the series for a long time.  It should be interesting to see who wins it.” 
“There are some members of the media who are as passionate about NASCAR’s regional racing divisions as the competitors themselves, and I consider Dillner one of them,” said Don Hawk, NASCAR’s Director of Regional Racing Development. “Speed51.com is among that group. Their entire staff has a strong commitment to local and regional racing and we are excited to be associated with their organization through this special award.”

One of the most watched drivers in either division of Modified racing is Ted Christopher.  Not many drivers can rile up fans quite like the former NASCAR National Weekly Racing Series champion.

“People like to watch me race, but they don’t always like
Ted Christopher will be a favorite to win the Northern Most Popular Driver.