Fans Can Vote On's “Special Awards” & Win Prizes
Frank Kimmel is bound to be up for at least one of the "51s."
For just the second time since the inception of four years ago, the short track racing site will allow its readers to vote for year-end awards, nicknamed the “51s.”  And just as you've come to expect from, the “51s” aren't your basic, run-of-the-mill awards; they involve categories and nominees you’ve come to expect out of the 51-family.

“Fans can vote on everything from Short Track Driver of the Year and Best Short Track Series to the biggest Short Track Badboy, Most Inspiring Moment of the Year and Wildest Wreck,” said Bob Dillner, Editor and SPEED Channel broadcaster.  “This is something we thought of a few years back to help create more interest for all of short track racing.  If the music, acting and other sport industries can have year-end awards, why can’t short track racing?  After all, short track racing is a lot more entertaining than some of those movies we see picking up awards every year.”
The “51s” will consist of 25 different categories.  The staff has selected the nominees.  Now it is up to the fans to select the winners.

Some of the basic categories that you'd expect from awards such at the “51s” are there, including Short Track Rookie of the Year and Short Track Most Improved Driver and Short Track's Best Appearing Car. 
Nearly everyone in the music and movie industry waits with bated breath for the annual Grammy Awards and Academy Awards.  The top performers are honored each year for their achievements in their respective industries.  Even ESPN has its “ESPY’s” where the greatest athletes in all of sports are recognized.  Well,’s answer to that in the short track racing realm is the “51s” and they are back.
Was Joe Gatia's wild ride at the end of the Peach State race was one of the best finishes of the year?
However, that is where the basic stuff stops and where the real fun begins.  Other categories fans will have a chance to vote on include Best Personality, Crankiest Personality, Best Race, Worst Race, Best On-Track Feud, Best Finish, Wildest Wreck and Quote of the Year.

“Only on will you get a chance to vote on who was the biggest and baddest 'bad boy' of our sport during the last year,” said's anchorman, Jeremy Troiano.  “That is what makes these awards so much fun and so different from a lot of other awards that you see.  Not only that, but the fans are the ones that get to choose them.
“There are plenty of others that could be considered for some of these awards, but these are the ones we felt were best suited for each category.  To win a '51' might not be the thing that launches your career onto the next level, but it is something that you can take pride in, not only because you were nominated, but because the fans felt that you were the best (or worst) of the year.”

Voting for the “51s” will run from January 7th through February 1st.  The winners of the “51s” will be announced on February 5th.  For categories in which a driver is awarded for his excellence in 2004, the winner will receive a $100 certificate toward a webdesign from the 51 family.  Two lucky fans will also be selected at random for prizes.  Those prizes will include a pair of tickets to one of the top short track events of the year (either the Spring Sizzler at Stafford Motor Speedway - CT, the Asphalt World Championships at Concord Motorsports Park – NC or the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway – FL).   The other prize will be a hat and shirt.  Winners will
be announced on  Only one vote per computer per day will be allowed. has become a leader in online Motorsports information by focusing on the Short Track Racing realm.  51 realized nearly three years ago that there was a void in the industry for this type of news and behind-the-scenes stories.  Now, 51 is viewed by thousands of viewers per day.  Speed51 fuels your Short Track appetite for ARCA, ASA, NASCAR's Grand National and Elite Divisions, Featherlite Modifieds, USAR Pro Cup, Southern All Stars, Sunoco Super Series, Super Late Models and other racing throughout the four seasons. 

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Is this one of the best photos of the year?  Or was it something else?  (Norm Marx Photo)