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1 - The plan was to use Jay Hull's #25 and Mike Twist's #51 for the match race...until Twist's truck had engine problems.
2 - Bob Dillner was in Twist's #51 truck for the feature.
3 - Dillner catches some sleep before his feature.
4 - Jay Hull works on the #51 truck.
5 - Bob Diller joines Kale Oakes in the announcer's booth.
6 - Cassius Clark (L) and Jay Hull (R) talk before the races.
7 - In the feature, the #25 of Jay Hull runs ahead of Herb Farrar (#6) and Bob Dillner (#51)
8 - It was a tight fit for Johnny Clark in the #23.
9 - Clark (#23) has a truck length on Dillner in the #25.
10 - Track owner Bill Ryan (L) talked with Bob Dillner (R) after the race.
11 - Johnny Clark goes for a swim.
12 - Johnny Clark and Bob Dillner get ready to pick up Cassius Clark and throw him in the pool...
13 - ...Cassius fought hard...
14 - ...but eventually got dumped anyways.
15 -  Dillner and Johnny Clark bench race on the tailgate of a pick-up after the race is over.

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