It's Short Track Champ vs. TV Personality at Maine Oval
Bob Dillner is a man who just can’t keep away from racing.  His day job is that of a NASCAR Nextel Cup Series reporter for SPEED Channel and he moonlights by serving as a commentator for ARCA events on SPEED as well.  The rest of the time, he oversees the short track website that he founded five years ago.  Even when Dillner goes on vacation, he’s got to be around a racetrack it seems.

“I can't wait to race at Oxford,” said Dillner.  “I've been there a couple times, but it's been a while.  Back when I was covering things in the Northeast in the late-80s I had the chance to cover a Mod Tour race there twice and I've been to the grand-daddy of them all, the Oxford 250 once.  It's been awesome just watching races there, but to compete there will be twice the fun.”
Clark has some tips already for Dillner as well.
There is a great deal of mutual respect between the two competitors.

“I’m a huge fan of Bob’s,” said Clark.  “I love what Speed51 does for short track racing and Bob gets to talk to all of the guys that we all look up to every week on SPEED Channel.  We’re going to have a great time and it will be good to promote and just in time for the Banknorth [Oxford] 250.”
"Johnny Clark is one hell of a racer,” said Dillner.  “I love his style.  He's patient-aggressive on the track and off the track he's personable, yet not afraid to get his fingers dirty. 
Bob Dillner
In this corner, the #51 Truck normally driven by Mike Twist...
...and in this corner, the #25 normally driven by Jay Hull.
"I'm surprised nobody has given him a chance in some of the bigger leagues yet.  I mean, come on, he's beating some of the best in the biz, like Benji Rowe, his dad Mike and even the young kid Cassius Clark.”

But beating Johnny Clark could be a tall order for Dillner.  The SPEED Channel reporter has experience running competitively in Legends cars and the street stock-like CRASHCars at Lowe’s Motor Speedway, but running against one of the best short track drivers in the country will be a new experience for him.

“Johnny's definitely got the upper-hand in the match-race,” said Dillner.  “He's raced there before and he's good and I'm not so good.  Maybe I'll lay a bumper on him and turn him in the infield.  That's probably the only way I can beat him.  It's going to be a blast!  I just hope he takes it easy on me.”
So when Dillner and his family spend some time in New England this month, he’s going to stop in at the legendary Oxford Plains Speedway in Maine for a little bit of racing action.  What will be different about this trip though is that Dillner himself will be driving in a 10-lap match race in the track’s Sport Truck division on July 20th. 

His opponent?  None other than 2004 PASS Pro Stock (Super Late Model) Champion Johnny Clark.  Dillner and Clark will be behind the wheels of the trucks normally driven by Mike Twist and Jay Hull.
“He’ll need to get plenty of practice before coming up here,” said Clark.  “He’ll need to get to playing some video games before the race.”

The match race at Oxford will take place as part of Oxford Plains Speedway’s Summer Racing Series on Wednesday night, July 20th.  To find out more about Oxford Plains Speedway, Please click here.

For more information on the match race and the #51 racetruck, be sure to check out or call Mike Twist at (207) 590-1786.

Johnny Clark