Final Derby Thoughts
(Editor’s Note: Defending Snowball winner Steve Wallace will tell his Derby tale right here on  We'll follow along with Steve after each day, right here on


I kind of had the monkey off my back this year because I already won this thing, so it was a lot more relaxing.  It was a lot more fun and I could really enjoy it.  I drove my ass off and finished second, so it wasn’t too bad.
It’s just more relaxing the more Derbies you run because it’s a real intimidating race and there’s a lot of badass race car drivers here and we’re all here to do the same thing and that’s to win.  Second place ain’t too bad so I’m pretty happy with it. 

The best memory of the weekend was when I took the lead.  The worst memory was getting thrown out after tech for a bull crap reason, because I was a sixteenth too low or something like that, which wasn’t true.  Just he gauge was reading wrong.  .
Overall it was a fun night and I can’t wait to come back next year.
Steve Wallace is the defending champion of the Snowball Derby.   (51 Photots)
We brought a brand new car here for this year. We have JR Norris running the other car (Editor's Note: Steve is driving Richie Wauter's #66 while JR Norris will wheel the #5). We unloaded this car and had to work on it a little bit. But by the end of the day I feel like we are three times better than we were last year. I think I have a car that is well capable of winning the race.

This track is pretty special to me because my dad and my uncles have run it in the past. I think Dad ran this race eight or nine times and never won it. So for me to have won it and now come back it is a pretty cool feeling. To be able to have a chance to win it again this year is pretty cool too.


We were second quick in practice all day long. Jeremy Pate was on top all day and my teammate, JR Norris, was in third and real quick. Travis Kittleson was right up there too. Then, we all missed the race.
Steve Wallace's team pushes their car back to the hauler after qualifying 47th.   (51 Photots)
Five Flags has to do something because they have this new tech inspector named Ricky (Brooks). He's just teching these bodies so “hardcore.” They are teching these bodies so damn hard. They got us for tread width.  We went through tech and instead of giving us like 45 seconds to fix it, they docked us one lap in qualifying. They did the same thing to my teammate JR Norris. These guys in qualifying were going two- to three-tenths faster on their second laps. So I guess we have to race our way in to this race. You spend a lot of damn money to come down here and race and you get treated like s**t by the officials.
I am really disappointed with it and I think a lot of guys are; including Richie Wauters. We all work all year long to come down here and try and win the race and we get treated like crap from this one official.

You can go from being the big dog all the way to the doghouse in one year. To me, it doesn't really bother me because I know I have a hotrod and I can come up through the field. I think I still have a good shot at winning this race. I've got a brand new car. Hell, Charlie Bradberry won this race the other year with no practice and didn't even qualify the car.  So to me, I don't really care about it. I am going to keep my chin up and get in that car and go like hell.


It's really great to be a Snowball Champion. It was really tough to win it last year. I probably shouldn't have won it but kevin Cywinski got wrecked. Sometimes you just have to luck into this race because it is just such a tough race.

It's Derby morning and my thoughts are that I have a really really good racecer.  We went out there and practiced yesterday and passed Eddie Mercer (polesitter) and put a straightaway on him with the the same tires. I know we have a bad ass car. We are starting dead last though. What I am going to do is when they drop the green is I am going to lay back about 100 feet and ride around for about five or ten laps. They are just going to wreck big time. They are going to go down into turn three and wreck and then go down in turn one and wad a bunch of them up.
Steve Wallace at speed.   (51 Photots)
This is a long race and you have to put yourself in contention and stay out of all the wrecks to win the race. We are going to ride around all day long. We may go a lap down, who knows? But it is real easy here to make a lap back up. I think you will see us at the end of the race fighting for the win.

Last year I just hung out on a lawn chair clear at the other end of the racetrack during the morning. It's a big race and you have to really be focused. You have to focus on your strategy a lot for this race. Some people have different ways and strategies. Me I just like to sit by
myself and think about it and really go over it. I already have done that and now I am ready for them to drop that green and haul ass to get to the front.