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1.  Fans packed Irwindale Speedway for a pre-race autograph session.
2.  In Friday's qualifyier, Mike Stefanik's #55 and Dale Shaw's #17 got together.  On Saturday, the #55 sported an anti-Shaw sticker.
3.  Busch North competitors Joey McCarthy (L) and Sean Caisse.
4.  A crew member coasts Andrew Lewis' #23 car out to the grid.
5.  Busch North driver Kip Stockwell (L) is interviewed by Al Robinson (R).
6.  Eddie Hoffman's #0 team does a little bit of bodywork after their qualifying race.
7.  Irwindale Speedway has one of the most massive grandstands of any short track in the country.
8.  Dale Shaw (L) talks with one of Mike Olsen's crew members.
9.  J.R. Norris signs a few autographs.
10. Daryl Harr (L) and Ryan Moore (R) socialize.
11. Andrew Morrisey hangs out by his #20 machine.
12. Robert Richardson signs some autographs.
13. Matt Kobyluck stands tall.
14. Andy Santerre meets a young fan.
15. Eddie MacDonald waits by his #77 car.

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