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1.  Mike Stefanik practices his #55 Busch North machine.
2.  Kip Stockwell’s Busch North team puts a #6 on their door early in the day.
3.  Southeast Series competitor J.R. Norris stands tall.
4.  All of the competitors pose for a group photos as a TV camera captures it all.
5.  Southeast champion Jeff Fultz (L)  chats with SPEED TV’s Ralph Shaheen (R).
6.  The #88 of West Series competitor David Gilliland was practiced by Burney Lamar on Friday.
7.  Steve Carlson measures up his #66 Midwest Series car.
8.  Rip Michaels’ Southwest Series #12 team at work.
9.  Eddy McKean’s sharp looking #19 Southwest Series car.
10. Busch North’s Ryan Moore (#74) and Mike Stefanik (#55) share the track.
11. The #68 of Southeast Series driver Greg Pope gets some attention after racing at Phoenix.
12. Eddie Hoffman’s #0 from the Midwest Series
13. Greg Pursley works the jack for his #70 Southwest Series team.
14. The #61 of Busch Northerner Mike Olsen
15. Sean Caisse gets ready to climb aboard his #5 Busch North car.

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