Ben Rowe Has A Shot Before "Questionable" Caution Flag
It doesn’t matter how many cars show up or how far away the drivers come from to try to beat him, Freddie Query is always be the man to beat in a Super Late Model event at Concord Motorsport Park.
and there this year.  But the car just was there for me all night and it’s good to close out the year with another win.”

Rowe did not travel from Maine just to see Query go unchallenged for the win, however.  In fact, leading up to the event, he made it known that the only reason he’d really driven all the way to Concord was to try and knock Freddie off his Concord throne.
Freddie Query climbed out of Victory Lane a winner on Saturday night after the 200-lap Asphalt World Championships.  (51 Photos)
However, that didn’t happen.

Rowe hunted down Query in the late stages of the race only to have his charge for the lead halted by a caution flag on lap 163 for what track officials deemed to be fluid on the track.  An extended caution period with a large amount of speedy dry dropped on the track cooled Rowe’s tires and allowed Query to check out over the final 20 laps. 

After the race, Rowe was left scratching his head not only as to what could have been if the final caution was not thrown, but why the caution was thrown in the first place.

“We didn’t need that last yellow,” said Rowe.  “I mean, there’s only like eight of us out there at the end, so why throw a yellow for no reason with 30 to go?

“I thought it was interesting that they threw the yellow as soon as I caught him.  We had a good car and we should’ve won.  It’s just frustrating when you reel a guy in like that and then there’s no reason for a caution as soon as you get up to him. 

“There was no fluid on the track or anything.  They
Ben Rowe (#00) was the only driver that seemed to have anything for Query on Saturday, but a late caution flag hurt his chances. (51 Photos)
The Mooresville, NC driver took home his 89th career victory at the Concord half-mile track in Saturday night’s Third Annual Asphalt World Championship. 

Concord’s 2005 Big 10 Series champion led the final 88 laps of the 200 lap feature, but Turner, Maine’s Ben Rowe made Query earn it.  The 2005 PASS champ closed to Query’s bumper late in the race before being slowed by a caution that ruined his momentum and handed Query yet another win in his storied Concord career.

“With five laps to go, I got to thinking about how much better Christmas is going to be if I had that trophy sitting in my house,” said Query.  “The car ran good all night; I had no real complaints.  I knew we had a good car, which was good because we’ve had some motor problems here
stopped a guy under caution on the frontstretch and then the guy started puking some fluid out, but there was no need for the caution at all to begin with.”

Only 11 Super Late Models took the green flag on a chilly North Carolina night.  Mark Reedy led the field at the start after a post-qualifying redraw put him on the pole. 

Friday afternoon’s fastest qualifier Clay Jones started third and Query re-drew the fifth starting spot.  Reedy led the first 11 laps before relinquishing the lead to Kevin Love, the winner of the most recent Big 10 feature at Concord.  Love’s lead was only temporary, as Query worked his way through the field to take the lead on lap 30.
Only 11 cars took the green for the Super Late Model feature.
Query continued to extend his lead through the early stages of the 200-lap feature before a yellow flag brought the leaders to pit road on lap 88.  Query won the race off pit road and re-took the lead on lap 112 from Love, who had pitted on the previous caution for his service.  Query extended his lead over Rowe to nearly 10-car lengths by lap 150. 

Rowe regrouped and quickly hunted Query down over the next few laps, getting to Query’s bumper on lap 162 before the controversial caution flew one lap later.  Query jumped ahead on the ensuing restart while Rowe backslid to fourth, being passed by both Preston Peltier and Jones.  Peltier tried to chase down Query in the
closing laps but the track champ was determined to get back to victory lane after an uncharacteristic dry spell for him.

“The last two races here I finished second, and I’ll tell you, I just don’t like that,” said Query.  It just chews at me.  I hate to be greedy, but I am.  I sure am glad we won this race.  I knew Ben was coming and he had a good car and the 5 car (Peltier) was there at the end but things just fell the right way for us tonight.”

More reaction from the Asphalt World Championships at Concord comes later in the week in Leftovers.

Concord Motorsport Park, NC
1 Freddie Query
2 Preston Peltier
3 Clay Jones
4 Ben Rowe
5 Mike Rowe
6 Mark Reedy
7 Terry Brooks
8 Mark Keeteman
9 Brandon Johnson
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11 Chris Dunn