But Times Have Changed For Freddie At Concord
When Dennis Schoenfeld won the first two Big 10 Super Late Model Series races of the year at Concord Motorsport Park, people sat up and took notice.  Was Freddie Query’s run of dominance at the track over?  Had everyone caught up to the Concord master?  Was he finally meeting his match in Schoenfeld?

There is a simple answer to that question.  Nope
“You can’t stop  trying to figure things out here,” said Query.  “I haven’t run the same four springs and shocks so far this year.  I went years and years and years and never changed anything and could win every week here.  But with all this new technology, you can’t do that.  To be able to run fast, especially that fast at the end of a race has taken a lot of work.

“Years ago, I could win here and be running 17-second laps a the end of the race.  Tonight, we were running 16.10s at the end of the race.  So things have come a long way.  And it put us all back to work and I’m glad of that, because you need the challenge.  The cars are what got me started racing anyway, more than wanting to drive, I always wanted to try and make the cars faster.  Driving is just a bonus.

And when you are driving that good, it is a nice bonus.

After grabbing the lead, Query was able to old off Schoenfeld, Jeremy Pate and Dave Mader III over five restarts and pulled out to a commanding lead every single time.
Freddie Query is back to his regular Concord form. (51 Photos)
“We didn’t buy new tires after Monday night (round four was suppose to run on Monday night, but that event was rained out until Saturday) and I don’t know why anybody would, but when you don’t, and a guy has new tires, it weights heavy on your mind and that has been heavy on my mind all day long.  Last year on time, the same thing happened and we had the same results.  So I guess maybe next time, I won’t worry quite as much about it.

“The car was good this afternoon when it was hot and slick and I figured it would be about the same tonight.  The guys took off at the start and they would be good
Query's speedy #8.
Query proved to be his dominate self on Saturday night in the fourth-round of the Big 10 Series at Concord (NC).  Query started the race third, fell back to fourth at the end of the first lap, but found himself in the lead on lap 23 of the 125-lap race and powered his way to a convincing win by well over five seconds at the tricky half-mile.

When Query got around Schoenfeld for the lead, he was never challenged again.  In fact, no one even proved to be in the same ballpark as Query.  And that is the way its been for Freddie for quite some time at Concord.

But that isn’t something that come as easy at it looks for the veteran.  Despite his 80-plus career wins at the track, Query never stops working to keep himself at the top.
for a couple of laps and then they would slow down.  I had to be patient at the start of the race to let them get a couple of tenths off of what they were running.  My wife (who is also Freddie’s spotter) helps out big time too there to help keep me patient.”

Schoenfeld was able to hold on for second with veteran Dave Mader III third.  Jeremy Pate, the night’s fastest qualifier, ran second much of the night until motor problems forced him to look a couple of spots at the end.  He finished fourth.
“I’ve got to keep working and I know a lot of these guys are working hard to catch up with me now.  It takes a lot of luck.  It doesn’t matter how good you are, bad luck catches up with people all the time.

“Preston Peltier had no intentions of having an illegal air cleaner tonight but someone slipped up and that is bad luck.  They ended up with a tore up race car. 

“You have to do everything you can do and pray you have good luck.”

Preston Peltier might have been the only one to compete with Freddie, but he never made it there.
The fastest car on the track earlier might have been that of Preston Peltier, who actually turned in the fastest time in qualifying, but was disqualified, forcing him to start in the back of the field.  By lap 38, Peltier found himself in fourth and charging.  But a spin on lap 92 forced him to have to come from the back again.  He wound up the night in fifth.

But no one, not even Peltier, would have had anything for Query.

The Concord master continued his dominance and said he’ll continue to keep himself that dominant each and every race.

He even works on improving during the race.

“This race track has gotten to a point now where there is more than one groove,” added Query.  “There was always just one fast groove before, even though there was a second groove you could use for passing.  Tonight, especially down in three, the groove would move around.  I ran the bottom for a while and then it went away, so I’d move to the top and I’d got back to the bottom.  You just have to keep hunting.