After Disappointment Last Time Out, He Takes the Prize This Time
Jason Hogan is always brimming with confidence.  Sometimes, people might take that as cockiness, but it isn’t.  It is confidence.

After the last Montgomery Super Late Model Series race, where he won the pole but finished a disappointing fifth, Hogan went home mad.  He knew he was going to win when he returned to Montgomery.  His weekly press release stated the same thing. 
“I was pretty upset after the first race here a couple of weeks ago.  I knew we had something bent on the car with me getting in the wall during that practice.  So we took the car home and went over it and found some things wrong and fixed them.  We had the exact same set up as we did down here last time and the car was fabulous.”

Over the first 20 laps, four different drivers, including pole sitter Charlie Bradberry, Hogan, McFarland and Eddie Mercer, all spent time at the front of the pack, swapping the lead like no one wanted to be there.  Eventually, McFarland would find himself at the front of the field for quite a few laps until Hogan again reclaimed the top spot on lap 54. 
Jason Hogan said he would win... and he did just that.   (51 Photos)
“I was chilling out, saving my stuff,” said Hogan.  “At the start of the race we took off and I told Charlie that I was going to hang behind him.  I would have never passed Charlie except (McFarland and Mercer) were eating my bumper up and I didn’t want to get my car wrecked.  When Eddie and Ken got on my bumper once I was in the lead, I let them go so they wouldn’t beat my bumper to death. I figured I would let them wear their stuff out.  Sure enough, they came back to us.”

The bulk of the field came in for pit stops on lap 77 and that handed the lead back to Bradberry, who along with Josh Hamner and outside pole sitter John Bolen, stayed out. 

Hogan would find the lead for the final time when Bradberry and Hamner tangled while racing for the top spot on lap 79. 
At the end of the night, Ken McFarland was the only driver that could keep up with Hogan.
Hamner made a move to the inside of Bradberry coming down the backstretch, but realized that he wasn’t going to complete the pass.  He got on the brakes hard, but his momentum caused him to just nudge Bradberry, who was getting on the brakes a bit earlier than normal after having to deal with worn tires.

Bradberry hit the outside wall, while Hamner got his car stopped before making contact.  The accident would eventually knock Bradberry out of competition.

end.  However, a late-race caution did allow McFarland to pull up on Hogan’s bumper and give the fans a good show.

“With these big spoilers on the back of the cars, you can barely see out of the back of them anyway.  I knew he was there and that he had a good car for about four or five laps.  After the second lap, I got up off the corner good and we had five car-lengths on him.  After that, I went back into conserve mode and cruised to the finish line.
The damage to Bradberry's car didn't look bad, but it was enough to take him out of the event.
“Ken is a good, clean racer.  He laid the bumper to me a couple of times, but hey, this is a short track and it is tight racing.  If I’m in his spot, I’m going to be bumping him.  So I’d expect it from him too.  As long as you don’t blatantly put someone in the wall and you don’t drive over the top of them, moving someone isn’t bad.  It is a part of this type of racing.”

McFarland was able to hold onto second, despite getting challenged from visiting Ted Musgrave Jr., who had a solid run and finished third.

Hamner was able to rebound from his run in with
Bradberry and finish fourth.  Grant Enfinger finished fifth.

Speed51.com will have much more from the race later this week in Leftovers, including more reaction from the Bradberry – Hamner incident.

Alabama Gang 125
Montgomery, AL
1) Jason Hogan
2) Ken McFarland
3) Ted Musgrave Jr
4) Josh Hamner
5) Grant Enfinger
6) Justin South
7) Chis Hornsby
8) Frank King
9) Gary Nix
10) Tal Etheredge
11) John Bolen
12) Johnny Brazier
13) Regan Baker
14) Eric Wallace
15) Eddie Mercer
16) Charlie Bradberry
17) Joe Hornsby
18) James Young
19) Greg Tallent
20) Pat Cruise

Often in sports, predicting a win can be a bad thing.  Most of the time that predication is brought on by confidence, not arrogance.  And it looks pretty damn good when you can back it up.  That is exactly what Hogan did on Saturday night as the Super Late Models returned to Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL).

Hogan wouldn’t call it a dominating win; instead it was a convincing win, as he led 51 laps (including the final 46) and held off Ken McFarland during a late race, seven-lap shootout to win the $5,000 125-lap Super Late Model feature on Saturday night.

“I said over the PA system that I felt like I was driving a Cadillac CTS out there tonight the car was handling so well and was driving so good,” said Hogan, who started third.  “It was one of the best driving cars I’ve ever been in.  The guys told me near the end that I could ‘unleash the beast,’ but honestly, it ran better when I was easing around here.”

Hogan was determined to win after what he called “driver error” kept the #92 out of Victory Lane the last time at the track.
“I had a brain fart.  That is all there is to it,” said a subdued Hamner, who was able to continue on and eventually finish fourth.  “My car was really good getting into the corner.  And it looked like Charlie had to check up getting in.  I knew Hogan was coming.  I got into him just a little bit, but he was also loose it looked like, so it didn’t take much of a bump to send him around.  I hate it.  I just hate it.”

“I saw Josh had a run on me,” said Charlie.  “At that point in the race, there was no reason to race hard. I saw him get a run on me and I guess he misjudged.  He took us out.”

After that, Hogan would never look back and led to the