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1. Series Director Les Westerfield looks over the wet track at Michael Foy (#32) goes by.
2. Josh Hamner was in Greenville, serving as a crew member for Robert Richardson
3. Greg Pope (right) and his crew work to change an engine.
4. The #54 crew of Jeff Fultz goes to work on their battered machine.
5. Pat Brewer (#83) backed into the wall twice during the race.
6. A total of 21 Southeast cars lined up for the start of the race.
7. Jeff Fultz's #54 had a new look at Greenville
8. Midwest Champion Justin Diercks (#2) had some smoking hot brakes after practice.
9. Justin Wakefield takes some time to relax before the race
10. JR Norris watches Dusty Williams (#40) qualify.
11. Robert Richardson (#33) wrecked hard in qualifying.
12. Gary Helton won the pole in his first race of his rookie season.
13. JR Norris and crew pushed his car to the scales earlier in the day...
14. ...while others pushed it when it died on pit road during the race.
15. Jeff Fultz celebrates his win.