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1.  The Oxford strictly stocks line up for an autograph session.
2.  Kelly Moore practiced the #17R that his son Ryan will race on Sunday.
3.  Travis Adams is in the 250 already with his #03 car for winning a Late Model qualifier for track regualrs.
4.   Friday was a beautiful day at the track.
5.  Matt Kenseth won't be at Oxford until Sunday.  His car sits waiting.
6.  Mike Rowe goes out to practice his #24.
7.  Alan Wilson's team gets ready to sent him out to practice.
8.  For some reason, Oxford regulars love to turn old school buses into race haulers.
9.   Bill Whorff, Jr. (L) and his son Jeremie (R) talk about their cars.
10.  Kyle Busch's #5 sits under wraps awaiting his Saturday arrival.
11.  Cassius Clark sits ready to go.
12.  Travis Benjamin pushes his #17 car.
13.  Speed51.com is the sponsor of lap 151 at Oxford this year.
14.  Seeing double?  One of Dave O'Blenis' #48 cars gets going for practice, while the other one sits on jackstands.
15.  Who says that a toterhome needs to be expensive?

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