Drivers and Other "Experts" Make Their Picks
Who do you pick (other than yourself) to win this season's TD Banknorth 250?

Ben Rowe, Winner of 2003 and 2004 TD Banknorth 250s: Mike Rowe or Kyle Busch – Either of those guys can do it.  That team is going to be tough to beat because they really have their act together.  My Dad should have won both of the PASS races there this year.  They are going to be strong.

Andy Shaw, Oxford regular:  Mike Rowe – He’s just running way too well.  I don’t really think that he can be beat [without having trouble].

Johnny Clark, Defending PASS Champion: Alan Wilson – I’m going to go with a little bit of a sleeper.  Alan has come really close last year and in the PASS races this year and he’s got what it takes to win.

Bill Whorff, Oxford Regular:  Jeremie Whorff – There are probably 15 guys who can win, but I’m going to go with my son.  He should be one to watch and he’s got a lot of patience.

Jeremie Whorff, Oxford Regular:  Bill Whorff or Mike Rowe – The last two years, I’ve picked my old man, but he’s had no luck.  This year, I’d say him or Mike Rowe will win.  It’s going to be someone from the old school.

Scott Robbins, 2002 Winner of the TD Banknorth 250: Alan Wilson – At the two [PASS] races this year, he’s been strong.  He’s one of he guys who can pass on the outside.

Mike Rowe, two-time TD Banknorth 250 Winner: Kyle Busch – I’m going to go with my teammate.  He showed a lot of class when he tested up there and he really wants to win this race.

Bill Ryan, Owner – Oxford Plains Speedway: Jeff Taylor – I’m going to throw out a pick that nobody else made.  He’s peaking at the right time and has been running the outside really well.

Steve Perry, Co-Owner for Mike Rowe and Kyle Busch:  Scott Chubbuck - If I’m not going to pick my guys or Benji {Rowe}, I think Scott will be around at the end.  Him and Jay [Cushman, car owner] put a big effort into these races and they’ve been around at lap 150 and so before.  They don’t chase points, they go after these races.  They will be strong

Mike Twist, Alan Wilson Quiet guys tend to always do well in the 250s.  He knows the track, he’s run well in the PASS races there this year and he’s been running better and better on the PASS tour as a touring rookie with a few decades of racing experience.

Bob Dillner, Founder and SPEED Channel Personality: Mike Rowe – He’s been so strong this year and he really wants to win #150.  This year might be his last year to shine.

Jeremy Troiano, Ben Rowe - How could you go wrong on predicting a guy who has won it the last two years?  He is a natural talent.  And anyone who can borrow a car that is not his own and still go out and mop up the competition is a favorite in my book.

Justin St. Louis, Mike Rowe - I don't think anyone wants to win the TD Banknorth 250 more than Mike Rowe.  I talked to him at White Mountain a couple weeks ago, and I could tell he wants OPS win #150, and he wants it now.  I think he'll have to put up with a major challenge from Benji and Johnny Clark, plus a few others, but he can do it.  Mike Rowe is my man for the 250.

Who is going home with this at the end of the night?  Popular opinions tend to think it might be Mike Rowe or Alan Wilson.  (51 Photo)
The race for this year's 250 trophy will start on Saturday night for one Oxford racer.  (51 Photo)