There's a Lot of History Being Made Every Year in 250 Green Flag Laps
3000Number of dollars that current PASS promoter
Tom Mayberry earned for finishing 8th in the
1997 250 as a driver.

1994Year that Kevin Cywinski competed in the 250.
(Cywinski finished 10th)

1969Year that Mike Rowe won his first feature race
at Oxford Plains Speedway.

1950Year the Oxford Plains started operation as a
half-mile dirt track.

298  Number of laps needed to complete the 2004
              race. (Caution laps don’t count)

149  Number of feature wins that Mike Rowe has
at Oxford in his career.

128  Number of laps that Johnny Clark led before
tangling with a lapped car in the 2004 race.

100  Number of dollars that a driver gets for leading
      each lap at Oxford.

28   Number of states which 250 starters have
come from.

25   Number of 250s for which Dave Dion has

17    Position where Freddie Query finished in the
1993 250. (his only Oxford start)

9      Number of NASCAR Winston/Nextel Cup
Champions who have starts in the 250
(Busch, Kenseth, Waltrip, Wallace, T. Labonte,
B. Labonte, N. Jarrett, Gordon and Waltrip)

2      Number of three-time winners in the 250
(Dave Dion and Ralph Nason)

1      Number of former Boston Red Sox outfielders
who have owned entries in the 250.  (Mike
Greenwell owned Mike Hovis' car in 1992. 
They finished 20th.)

.375 Size in miles of Oxford Plains Speedway.

.250 Batting averages for Bob Pressley and Tom
Rosati in the 250 (one victory in only four starts

0      Number of times that Ted Christopher has
qualified for the 250

00    Car Number of Ben Rowe, who has won the last
two TD Banknorth 250s

Freddie Query has won at many tracks, but Oxford isn't one of them.
#00 has been a good number to have lately.
Ted Christopherhas won almost every big race in New England, but he's still looking for a 250 start.
Ralph Nason is one of only two three-time winners in the 250.